Unique in its own Special Way

Just like rocks in the wild, every Emotional Support Rock is different, unique in size, shape and personality. Great care is taken in the selection of the Emo-Rock that shows up at your door, and will be the perfect one for you or for the person who gets it as a gift. The person who receives it will soon discover its kind nature and develop a special bond.

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Gives Comfort, Relaxes Breathing, Calm Nerves

Your Emotional Support Rock has been tenderly cuddled throughout its emotional support training, then gently snuggled into its personal fleece woobie* and nestled into its organic cotton muslin bag.

Your Emo Rock has been trained to give comfort in any stressful situation, calm nerves when cuddled, and relax breathing. When treated with kindness it will be perfectly behaved at all times, so it is safe to take everywhere.


Take your Emotional Support Rock everywhere you go!

While visiting your favorite restaurant or coffee shop you can take your Emo-Rock inside, even setting it on the table, while most emotional support pets, pigs or even squirrels would have to wait outdoors.

Take it to work, take it to school, set it on your desk... and never hear a complaint from your co-workers or classmates.

Your Best Friend – Anywhere... Anytime!

We Care
We recognize that the need for emotional support exists on many levels, and anyone may find comfort as they clutch Emo gently in the palm of their hand, close their eyes and breathe.

A portion of our profits will be donated to an organization changing lives by training shelter dogs to become therapy animals. We will provide more information about that organization soon.

* Woobie \ˈwu̇-bē\  (plural woobies) – Any object, typically a blanket, garment or stuffed animal that is used simply for its comforting characteristics.